Request Records

All patients are entitled to receive copies of their laboratory records. Laboratory results may be requested from your health care provider or directly from Diagnostic Cytogenetics, Inc.

To obtain your lab results from DCI, you or your personal/legal representative must verify your identity.  There is a minimal fee to prepare and send lab results.  Results will be delivered within 30 days of request.

Diagnostic Cytogenetics, Inc. is not responsible for interpreting test results.

Request by telephone: Call DCI at 800-328-2026.  Please be prepared to provide a minimum of 4 of the following identifiers:

• Date of Birth

• Social Security Number

• Phone number

• Spouse/next of kin

• Treating physician

• Test type

• Employer name

• Insurance name/number

Request by fax: Please download this form.  After completing, fax to DCI at 206-325-2975.