Solid Tumor

Diagnostic Cytogenetic, Inc.’s board certified

cytogeneticists, medical geneticists, and pathologists are always available for consultation or discussion of solid tumor indications.

  • Chromosome Analysis

    Indication for Testing

    • Adjunct to histological diagnosis of solid tumor.
    • Indicate prognosis of disease process.

    Abnormalities Detected

    Chromosome Analysis Detects:

    • Aneuploidy (monosomy, trisomy)
    • Deletions and duplications (>5Mb)
    • Translocations
    • Inversions

    Chromosome Analysis Does Not Detect:

    • Deletions or duplications that are too small to be seen by microscope (<5Mb)


    G-banded chromosomes from 20 metaphase cells are completely analyzed and at least 3 karyograms are prepared. Additional chromosome analysis and special banding techniques are employed as needed.

  • FISH Testing

    Our full FISH menu is available for testing on fresh solid tumor tissue.  For paraffin embedded tissue, consult our FFPE menu.  Please contact us to discuss indication-specific FISH testing strategies.

  • Test Information

    Test Turnaround Time* CPT Codes
    Chromosome Analysis 4-15 days 88239×2, 88261, 88280×2, 88285, 88291
    Metaphase FISH 4-15 days 88377
    Interphase FISH 24 hours 88377

    *All turnaround times are business days from specimen receipt to report issued.

    **Some codes may vary or be charged in multiple units, depending on patient-specific testing parameters.

    If no cells are available for analysis, only set up fees will be billed.

  • Submitting a Sample

    Specimen Requirements

    Solid Tumor Tissue: At least 1 cm3 representative tumor tissue collected under aseptic conditions and transported in sterile tissue culture media or Hank’s balanced salt solution. DCI provides transport media upon request.  Keep sample at room temperature.

    Do NOT put in water, fixative, formalin or saline.

    For more information, please see our Specimen Requirements and Shipping Information pages.

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