Quality Control Services

Do you know your options for FISH quality control in your lab?  Diagnostic Cytogenetics, Inc. has the resources to help!

Diagnostic Cytogenetics Inc has:

• Over 40 years of experience in cytogenetic services

• Over 25 years of experience in performing FISH

• Provided cytogenetic quality control to labs for over 10 years

• Services personalized to meet your lab’s needs

Contact us for a consultation with our lab specialists about how we can help you with probe validation and localization.

FISH Program Validation

DCI offers laboratories assistance in building their own FISH program that will meet or exceed CAP requirements.  We will use our 25+ years of experience with FISH to help you through the process at the level of involvement that suits your needs.  Contact us for more information about how our experienced technologists can be of assistance.

Peripheral Blood Slides

DCI has a library of peripheral blood cell preparations from individuals.  We can provide slides from individual cytogenetically screened donors or pooled cells.  Please call us to discuss your project.

Probe Localization

In the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) technical standards and guidelines for FISH testing, the ACMG recommends that probe localization be performed for all FISH probes as part of the initial validation process and for each subsequent probe lot.  This ensures that the probe targets its intended chromosome region(s).  Localization also confirms that the probe mix is not contaminated with another probe and that the probe does not hybridize to other targets.

Read the full ACMG technical standards and guidelines for FISH testing here.


Ten G-banded metaphase cells are digitally captured.  After your FISH probe is applied to the slide, these same ten metaphase cells are captured and compared to the G-banded images to identify the chromosomal region where the probe has localized.  Results are typically ready in less than a week.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Quality Control

DCI can perform FISH to confirm results for copy number variants and translocation fusion products.  Please call DCI to discuss your project.