Laboratory Genetic Counseling Services

In the increasingly complex field of genetic testing, genetic counselors serve as a vital link between the laboratory and the clinician. As part of our comprehensive services, the team at Diagnostic Cytogenetics Inc. (DCI) includes a licensed and board-certified genetic counselor to assist providers and their patients.

As a liaison between providers and laboratory services, the genetic counselor at DCI:

• Recommends indication-specific testing strategies
• Requests additional clinical information for improved testing and interpretation
• Notifies providers of STAT results
• Discusses test results and pertinent management issues with ordering provider
• Provides consultation for further testing, as required.

Our laboratory genetic counselor also actively participates in a number of other laboratory functions, beginning with a review of the ordered tests at specimen receipt and extending beyond the laboratory to provider education.

• Test ordering review
• Test analysis and interpretation, including clinical correlation
• Result reporting
• Send out testing coordination
• Provider education
• Research and development

Call 800-328-2026 to speak with our laboratory genetic counselor regarding general testing questions and patient-specific inquiries.